Lamont Holliday

Counseling & Coaching Services

At Knowledge & Action = Success, Inc. We are always there for our students to assist in the smooth progression of their career goals. Not only when class is in session. But, we are also there after successful completion of the course. We serve as your mentor/advisor. We provide letters of recommendation when requested. And help you with job search strategies. Whenever you need us we are there to provide support in order to help you achieve success with your career goals.

Lamont Holliday, Founder/Director of the Knowledge & Action = Success, Inc. The Central Service Certification Training Program, has developed a unique teaching method that has motivated, inspired and propelled hundreds of students to successful certification over the past 10 years.

Lamont is frequently sought after as teacher and speaker for various Central Service, Leadership and Motivational related topics.

Experience Instructor

Founder/Director Lamont Holliday has 20+ years of experience within the Central Service industry. This wide range of experience covers the following positions:

• Central Service Technician

• Central Service Manager/Director

• Central Service Educator (IAHCSMM Instructor)

• Knowledge & Action = Success, Inc. – Teaching Consultant – (10+ years)

• Adjunct Professor (St. Frances College, Brooklyn, NY) Allied Health Department

• Instructor (LaGuardia College, Long Island City, NY) Central Service Technician Course

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Certified Central Service Technician Program

• Introduction to Central Service
• Medical Terminology
• Anatomy and Physiology
• Microbiology
• Regulations and Standards
• Infection Control
• Tools for Cleaning
• Decontamination
• Disinfection
• Surgical Instrumentation
• Complex Surgical Instrumentation
• Sterile Packaging and Storage
• Point of Use Processing
• High Temperature Sterilization
• Low Temperature Sterilization
• Inventory Management
• Management of Patient Care Equipment
• Tracking Systems
• Quality Assurance
• Safety
• Communication and Human Relations Skills
• Sterile Processing for Ambulatory Surgery and Other Practices

Certified Instrument Specialist Program

• Introduction to Surgical Instruments
• Instrument Decontamination
• Instrument Identification, Inspection, and Testing
• Specialty Instrumentation
• Factors Influencing the Sterilization Process
• Instrument Inspection and Assembly
• Instrument Quality Assurance
• Instrument Information Systems
• Safety for Instrument Technicians
• The Human Side of the Instrument System
• The Role of the User in Instrument Care

Certified Healthcare Leader Program

• Introduction to Healthcare Leadership
• Employee Coaching
• Essentials (Steam Sterilization)
• Essentials (Purchasing and Inventory Management)
• Essentials (Legal and Regulatory Considerations)
• Resource Management
• Effective Communication
• And much more

Where Has Lamont Lectured?

• 1199 Union – Training & Upgrading Fund
• St. Charles Hospital – Port Jefferson, New York
• Good Samaritan Hospital – West Islip, New York
• Long Island Jewish Medical Center – New Hyde Park, New York
• Kings County Hospital Center (Health & Hospital Corporation – NYC)
• Metropolitan Hospital (Health & Hospital Corporation – NYC)
• Brookdale Medical Center – Brooklyn, New York
• Mount Sinai Medical Center – New York City
• Memorial Sloan Kettering – New York City
• University Hospital Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey
• Columbus Hospital – Newark, New Jersey
• Ocean Medical Center  (Member of Meridian Health) – Brick, New Jersey
• St Francis College – Brooklyn, New York (Adjunct Professor)
• LaGuardia College Long Island City, New York (Instructor)

Where was Lamont a Guest Speaker?

• Long Island Association for Central Service – (LIACS)
• New York City Association for Central Service Professionals – (NYCACSP)
• New Jersey Health Care Central Service Association – (NJHCSA)
• Long Island University – (CW Post Campus)
• One Hundred Black Man of Long Island, Inc.
• Primerica Financial Services – A Member of Citigroup

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