About KAS Central Service

These are very exciting times within the Central Service industry.  New Jersey was the first state in the U.S. to require Central Service Certification by law. And now New York  is the second state to require Central Service Technicians to be  certified.

This means that for the first time in history Central Service technicians will be recognized as a profession. In the July 2001 issue of Healthcare Purchasing News , it was noted that New York and California will follow in New Jersey’s foot steps and work on becoming the second and third state to achieve mandatory Central Service certification.

Lamont Holliday

Lamont Holliday, Founder/Director of the Knowledge & Action = Success, Inc. The Central Service Certification Training Program.

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The Knowledge & Action = Success, Inc. – The Central Service Certification Training program has been a work in progress since January 2000. And has incorporated as a teaching consultant business as of December 2010.

This highly successful training program is dedicated to current students already in the CS profession and to new students with the desire to enter the Central Service profession.

Over the years K&A=S, Inc. has successful helped hundreds of students in the New York, New Jersey, and other states successful achieve certification.

Benefit to each student enrolling in the Knowledge & Action = Success, Inc. – The Central Service certification Program:

• Instructor with over 20 years of experience
• Organized study packet designed to enhance the students certification success rate
• Total breakdown of all certification exam topics
• Students will learn how to analyze exam questions and maximize getting the correct answer on the certification exam
• Each student will learn both the theory & practical aspects of Central Service
• Quizzes will be issued out in class and thoroughly reviewed
• At the successful conclusion of the course each student will receive a certificate of completion and the application to apply for the Central Service certification exam
• Students that are currently certified can take this course for Continuing Education Units or CEU’s to maintain their certification

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